It’s important for us to ensure that the services we deliver are as environmentally, economically and socially sustainable as possible. It’s evident that our citizens are taking notice and joining us by being aware of the environmental impacts they and the businesses around them make each day.

Climate Change Adaption Strategy

The Selkirk Climate Change Adaptation Strategy provides a comprehensive, practical and cost-effective plan to guide the city in addressing and implementing practices to mitigate climate change. By integrating this work into our Capital Asset Management Program, the city is using leading practices to quantify, plan, budget and actually undertake the work required to adapt over the next 50 years.

Selkirk Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Costing nearly $39.5 million, the Selkirk Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest capital project in our history. This new facility will not only exceed provincial regulations today, but is also anticipated to exceed standards as they continue to rise and can handle double the city’s current population. The commitment into this facility is helping to protect the health of the Red River and Lake Winnipeg, so future generations can enjoy the same things we have today.

Selkirk Parks

Keeping our parks and natural spaces clean and natural is a commitment we hold to a very high standard. From almost any corner of Selkirk, you are only an eight minute walk from a local park. With a wide variety of walking trails, programs and other amenities, there’s bound to be something to get you out to our many parks and natural spaces.

Infrastructure and Asset Management

Capital Asset Management is an innovative practice that allows municipalities to better catalog, track and manage their assets. Using predictive modeling techniques, long-range maintenance planning, paired with long-term financial planning tools, capital asset management allows cities to predict the right time for the right projects, saving the city (and taxpayers) money every year and reducing our carbon emissions.

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